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Three-arm drilling jumbo

Three-arm drilling jumbo

It can be divided into two types: computer-controlled and hydraulic-controlled, it has the characteristics of generator four-wheel driving,  plastic wheel walking, strong force, flexible moving; The power is provided by electric generator, the three working arms are separately drived by relative electric motor pumps. It has the advantages of environment friendly, operation convenient and position accurate. It can achieve the function of separate control and simultaneous working for three arms; The digitalized full smart controlling system has the function of automatic positioning, as well as automatic adjustment for arm posture. It can make drilling automatically by leading the pre-programmed drilling diagram into jumbo control system. 

1.High degree of automation 
Full smart control system, vehicle automatically positioning, automatic adjustment for arm frame posture
Drilling mode and tunnel line planning  log program, automatically drilling strictly based on designing requirement
Self-renovation and reseting 
2.High construction efficiency
Strong hydraulic impulsive drilling machine, fast drilling speed
Multi-arm coordination drilling thrust, multi-holes formed within one time.
Digital max. optimized hole distribution, smart positioning drilling, high accuracy and efficiency
3.Safe and Reliable
High strength & long lifetime arm frame structure designing optimization 
Light weight and high anti-abrasion thrust beam structure designing optimization
High protection degree and strong anti-interference electronic control system
Automatic drilling, less personnel interference
4.Wide application
Flexible operation and wide range for arm frame system
Suitable for medium & big tunnel
Item Unit Parameters
Jumbo Qty. set 3
Max. impulsive power kW 32
Air compressed machine Rated power kW 15
Drilling arm
Max. height mm 11300
Max. width mm 16600
Total length mm 7465
 Max. drilling depth mm 5000
Operation platform
Working load kg 500


Power kW 140
Max. speed Km/h 15
 Complete machine dimension mm 18000x2900x3600
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