HPS Series Concrete Shotcreting Machine

HPSD3010 Crawler Concrete Shotcreting Machine

HPSD3010 Crawler Concrete Shotcreting Machine

Item Unit Specification
Max. volume m³/h 30
Max outlet pressure MPa 8
Cylinder mm φ100/70
Concrete pipe  mm φ180
Max. diameter of aggregate mm 15
Form of distribution valve   S pipe valve
Supply pipe  mm φ80
Pump rate 次/分 15
Concrete Shotcreting Machine
Hydraulic telescopic and rotating squirt boom, wireless remote
Max. squirt height: m 11.5
Max. squirt width:  m 21
Max. squirt distance: m 10.5

Min. section height:

m 5
Max. working depth: m Underneath: 7

Horizontal rotating angle

° 270

Vertical rotating angle

° ±110
1st boom length/rotating angle: mm 1400/45°
2nd boom length/rotating angle: mm 3700/110°
3rd boom telescopic distance mm 2250
Axial rotating angle of Nozzle:  ° 180
Axial swing angle of Nozzle:  ° 180
Wireless remote:   Drive / Wireless remote(within 100m)
Crawler chassis,Diesel- hydrostatic transmission
Engine  Model     CUMMINS B3.3-C60-12V
Power KW 45
Travel SpeedⅠ/Ⅱ  Km/h 3.0/5.0
Grade ability:  % 40
Approach angle ° 21
Departure angle ° 20
Total Weight t 13.7
Min. ground clearance  mm 434
Dimension  mm 6933×2280×2896
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Micro-channel Platform
Attention mobile terminal
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