HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant in the Tianjin Jixian Project, contracted by CRCC 13th bureau.

2015-02-13 318
As for the coincidence with highly environmental protection standard in project, the dedusting system has been settled on Mixer, Powder Calculator, and Transit Material House, where dust are easier to gathering. Each powder tank is equipped with individual self-clean dedusting system with vibration by manual operation. Dust filter elements are imported for the optimized emission better than Chinese Standard. It is possessing of instant monitor who can supervise, upload and backup the data of each production work on-line, by means of increasing port to adjusting electric system to accomplish clients’ demand. To guarantee the regular operation of water supply system in cold weather of Northern China, centrifugal pump form of pipeline has been adopted in design.

Micro-channel Platform
Attention mobile terminal
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