Construction Case of Chain-Cutter Diaphragm Wall Equipment

2015-02-13 337

1. Construction Project of CRCC Resident Project

Chain-cutter diaphragm wall equipment is more productive (average 180 m3/per day) than other similar equipment even in the tough geologies (Overlay with powdery clay, mud rock in depth of 14-32m, unconfined compressive strength in 10MPa). Its performance of waterproof and wall forming has qualified in Chinese standard and demand in design, which has been proved by third party testing institute.

2. Projects of Tianjin

The chain-cutter diaphragm wall equipment has accomplished 10000 m3works within 28 days (Full load 20 hours / day) in Tianjin Projects, which is stable running in efficient and makes a record of 473.6 m3forming with great waterproof. The equipment can fulfill the steering of 15°in the constructing that has proved it possesses world’s first-class construction method.

3. Projects in Changsha Wangwang Hospital

With the cooperation between CRCC and CHCEG, in the tough diverse geology condition of clay, sandy soil, gravel(underneath 14m-20m ), weathered rock (underneath 20m, unconfined compressive strength reached 14MPa), our diaphragm wall equipment operates in method of CRW and cut over plenty of pebbles in large diameter (200mm) with stable & productive running. Its success of construction in geologies layer of clay, extra-hard & extra-deep medium weathered rock layer, compound stratum.

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