CRCHI Helps to Build China’s First Tourism Dedicated Line of Medium-low Speed Maglev

2017-12-30 7

The construction of a tourism dedicated line of medium-low speed maglev in Qingyuan city - China’s first tourism dedicated line of medium-low speed maglev and China’s third medium-low maglev with completely independent intellectual property right - officially started on December 29th.


The delicated line is jointly invested and constructed by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and Qingyuan GuangQing Intercity Rail Co., Ltd.. The line has total length of 8.1km and uses medium-low speed maglev with the designed speed of 100 km/hour. With a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, it is planned to operate in October of 2019.


Medium-low speed maglev, which is more economical, safer, more eco-friendly, highly adaptable, has become a premium solution to rail transit problem. Maglev trains can be applied in above 30 domestic big cities, over 100 medium-sized cities and over 170 5A scenic spots, which are expected to be another China’s symbol of Going Out after high-speed train.


China’s first medium-low speed maglev with completely independent intellectual property right - Changsha Maglev


Changsha maglev which is China’s first medium-low speed maglev with completely independent intellectual property right came into service in May of 2016. Seven groups of turnouts of the maglev was supplied by CRCHI. Qingyuan maglev, as China’s third medium-low speed maglev project, marks that the cooperation between government and enterprise has reached a new stage. CRCC will make Qingyuan maglev as a new starting point to develop its advantages of complete industry chain like capital, technology, design, manufacture, operation management and comprehensive service.


As CRCC proposed its strategic target of building a whole industry chain of new rail transit, CRCHI seized the moment to establish maglev industry early in 2016 when CRCHI began to construct its high-end underground equipment industry base. The production of CRCHI’s complete maglev equipment will come out next year.


CRCHI signed an agreement about building a new rail transit equipment industry base in Changsha economic development zone on November 29th of 2017. The industrial base will form a complete solution of train and rail as a whole, with its main products - maglev train, maglev freight transport system, suspension monorail, straddle-type monorail, tramcar and its turnouts, complete track panel equipment - and test lines. The construction of the base with an area of 400 thousand m2 will start in January of 2018 and be finished by the end of the first half year of 2019.



Contract signing ceremony


New rail transit equipment to be produced by CRCHI will help to construct Qingyuan medium-low speed maglev project in the near future. This will surely further strengthen cooperation between government and enterprise, expand cooperation ranges and promote coordinated development of the complete industry chain for medium-low speed maglev.

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