Over 600 Honored Guests Visited CRCHI

2017-12-22 11

Economic Working Conference of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee is to be held in Changsha on December 22 and 23. Today, Mr. Du Jiahao, the secretary of Hunan provincial party committee and director of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress, Mr. Xu Dazhe, the deputy secretary of Hunan provincial party committee and provincial governor, Mrs. Li Weiwei, the chairman of Hunan people's political consultative conference, Mrs. Wu Lan, the deputy secretary of Hunan provincial party committee, separately led a group of people to investigate 8 industrial projects, creating a strong sense of further promoting the real economy and industrial development in Hunan province.


As one of 8 enterprises to be checked, CRCHI (China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.) was inspected by about 600 people including municipal party secretaries, mayors, secretaries of the county committee, county magistrates, key persons of national economical development zone, high-tech development zone, provincial units, Hunan public institutions, Hunan’s state-owned enterprises.


Provincial Governor Xu Dazhe (middle) and other attendees on this conference paid a visit to CRCHI’s second industrial park


In 2017, Hunan province mainly focused on promoting supply side reform, followed an orientation of “The Belt and Section”, vigorously implemented a strategy of “Innovation drives openness”.


As the typical sample of the enterprise implementing supply side reform, CRCHI has concentrated on R&D and manufacture of non-standard large equipment of specialization, individualization and customization. We only develop the product which fills the gap in China and even in the world and the product whose Chinese market share ranks top two. We have created a miracle of developing a new achievement everyday and our businesses have evolved into six segments.


Our four industrial sectors - Tunnel Boring Machine, Specialized Tunneling Equipment, Track System, Large Road Maintenance Machinery - have been in the domestic leading position and we are building other two sectors - Rail Transit Equipment and High-end Agricultural Machinery - with our all strength.


Chairman Li Weiwei (left) and Vice-governor Chen Xiangqun (middle) and other attendees paid a visit to CRCHI’s second industrial park


That the delegation of the provincial economic working conference chose CRCHI is not only an inspection of Hunan economic performance of 2017, but also a high appreciation of CRCHI’s outstanding achievements of changing Hunan Manufacturing into Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing and Hunan Innovation.


In 2017, CRCHI achieved good results in terms of enterprise’s development as well as social and economic effects.


CRCHI’s achievements, such as establishment of the second industrial park, rapid expansion of industrial businesses, domestic market share ranking the first, great results in product export, establishment of the rail transit equipment industrial park and others, definitely shows an enterprise’s responsibility. We have promoted development of Hunan’s economy with practical action and will surely contribute to building a beautiful and prosperous Hunan.


Liu Feixiang, chairman of CRCHI, introduced enterprise’s development of late years to Secretary Wu Lan (middle).


Now, CRCHI has become a world’s leading all-range solution provider of tunnel construction intelligent equipment and high-end rail equipment.


CRCHI has left instinct impress upon its products with self-dependent innovation and breakthrough of core technologies. The company is a high-end underground equipment manufacturer with the biggest area, the most complete product type and the strongest production capacity around the world.


After visiting CRCHI’s second industrial park, conference attendees said that they had learned much from CRCHI which was a bellwether in the development of Hunan’s equipment manufacturing industry and increased their sense of urgency of industrial development. They will make more efforts and take more practical measures to lay solid foundation for 2018 Hunan Industrial Project Construction Year.








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