Small-diameter EPB for Xinjiang Came off the Production Line

2017-12-18 33

Recently, the first small-diameter EPB independently developed by CRCHI for Xinjiang area came off the production line.

Excavation diameter: 3.78m
Total length: 120m
Total weight: 280t
Installed power: 800KW
Turning radius: 80m

This machine has the smallest turning radius of all the TBMs produced by CRCHI. It will be used in the construction of Line 1 of Urumqi Metro. The project is about 3.3km long and the TBM sections are about 3.1km long, the longest one of which is 1.8km long. There are three curved sections with a turning radius of 80m.

1. The shields are connected by spheric joints;
2. The connection bridge is replaced by the crane beam and the screw conveyor. Turning is adjusted by spheric joints of the screw conveyor and the crane beam;
3. The control room adopts sedan mode which is safe and comfortable.


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