Taiwan First Bought TBM from the Mainland CRCHI -Breaking 30-year Japanese Monopoly

2017-12-07 30

On December 4th in Taipei Meng Fengchao, chairman of CRCC and secretary of Party Committee, and his party met Yao Zuxiang, chairman of Taiwan Yaxiang Co., Ltd. and Hong Yiqian, CEO of Continental Holdings Corporation.


Meng Fengchao, Yao Zuxiang and Hong Yiqian attended the contract signing ceremony of 4 6m-diameter TBMs bought from CRCHI for Wanda Line of Taiwan Metro.


This contract marked underground equipment made by the mainland entered Taiwan market for the first time, breaking Japanese monopoly for over 30 years.


Wanda Line is an important line of Taipei Metro. The total length of CQ850 and CQ850A are 2754m and 3417m respectively. During excavation the following construction challenges shall be tackled: extra small turning radius of 50m,diaphram wall, cross-river bridge piles foundation breaking, vertical ventilation shaft circumventing ect.


The equipment will be delivered and come into service in 2018. CRCHI will provide the design, manufacture, production, on-site assembly and commissioning, trial boring and after-sales service.



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