CRCHI Produced China’s First Small-radius Curve Long-distance Hard Rock Pipejacking Machine

2017-12-04 26

China’s first Small-radius Curve Long-distance Hard Rock Pipejacking Machine independently developed by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Com., Ltd. (CRCHI) was successfully accepted by China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. on 29th of November, used in the Shenzhen Binhe Avenue Sewage Main Pipe Project.



The pipejacking machine has a diameter of 2710mm, total length of 40m, total weight of 115t and installed power of 550kw, capable to work in municipal administration construction in terms of traffic, environment, space limitation and featuring flexible structure and strong adaptability. The machine is equipped with equal thrust cylinders which reduce the dimension of launching shaft. Entering the tunnel with 10kV high voltage which enables the machine to advance long-distance (1km) and drive in a small-radius curve (R=100m), it breaks the 200m once-driving distance limit for Chinese pipejacking equipment. The machine is capable to drive in high-tensity hard rock (100MPa) and its back-up system can be delivered into or out of the tunnel in a convenient and fast way.



This machine is to be used for forming a 1500m section of the sewage main pipe tunnel. Geologies for the project are hard rock and strong permeable stratum; the maximum uniaxial compressive strength is 100MPa; the maximum diameter of the pebble is 300mm; the maximum water pressure is 10bar.


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