Super-large Diameter Earth Pressure Balance Shield Machine "Jinxiu" Rolls off the Production Line at CRCHI


On July 10, a super-large diameter shield machine with a panda design painted on its cutterhead rolled off the production line of CRCHI in Changsha. The shield machine, named "Jinxiu", was jointly built by CRCHI and China Railway 14th Bureau. The excavation machine has a diameter of 12.79m and will participate in the construction of Jinxiu Tunnel of Chengdu-Zigong High-speed Railway.

The "Jinxiu" is 135 meters long, weighs 3,000 tons and has an installed power of about 7,500kW. The cutterhead coating has highly Sichuan characteristics, and a panda holding a fresh bamboo occupies the center position, which is called "the most adorable big machine" by netizens.

It is reported that this super-large diameter earth pressure balance shield machine provides a powerful guarantee to the domestic long and large railway tunnel construction and further consolidates the domestic autonomous control ability of tunneling technology and equipment. After the completion of the project, it will have great significance to optimize the structure of promoting Chengdu-Chongqing urban road network and the convenient people travel.