The Hard Rock Pipe Jacking Machine with Pneumatic Operation Support System Was Offline


On April 28, the hard rock pipe jacking machine "Shenzhen Tunnel" for the Dakan West Transfer Tunnel Project was rolled off the production line at the Changsha Industrial Park of CRCHI. The overall weight of the machine is 226t, the excavation diameter is 3620mm, and the total power of the equipment is 1000kW. Due to the tight schedule and heavy task of the project, with the support of the construction unit, the pipe jacking machine only took 2 months from the design to the off-line.

The "Shenzhen Tunnel" pipe jacking machine integrates the functions of excavation, slag discharge, support, guidance and pressure operation. The air pressure operation support system equipped with it is consistent with the functions of the human cabin of shield machine. It has the functions of pressure regulation, pressure detection, communication, fire fighting, heating and air filtration, which can maximize the safety of personnel in construction. It can be used in the construction of urban pipe gallery, water conservancy tunnels and the complex conditions of crossing rivers, highways and railways.