FAT Ceremony of Two Open-type TBM applied in Coal Mines Long-distance Inclined Shaft Construction in CRCHI


On the morning of March 31, two open-type TBMs jointly produced by Yanchang Petroleum Group, China Coal Mine Construction Group., China Railway 15th Bureau and CRCHI were successfully launched in Changsha Second Industrial Park of CRCHI. The off-line of these two equipment marks the first time that the open-type TBM will be used in the construction of long-distance inclined roadway in coal mine.

These two open-type TBM owns excavation diameter of 7.13m, the whole machine length of about 130m, and the installed power of  3800 kW. The engineering is divided into the main and the secondary tunnels, with the length of 5.3km, down ramp of 6 degrees. The TBMs has features of good construction safety, fast excavation speed, high tunneling quality, and environmental protection.