Another 15-meter Large Diameter Shield Machine of CRCHI will Cross the Yangtze River


On March 26th, the super large diameter slurry shield machine with the excavation diameter of 15.07m was successfully launched in the First Industrial Park of CRCHI, and the equipment will be applied in crossing river tunnel project construction of southern Wuhu City..

The crossing river tunnel of southern Wuhu City is at the big turn of the Yangtze River Wanjian Section. The engineering design is the city's fast passage with the length of 5.96km. The tunnel uses shield and open cut construction methods. The tunnel section is 4.94km long and underneath pass the Yangtze River. It has high requirements for environmental protection, safety, and construction efficiency.

According to the construction characteristics, CRCHI and  China Railway 14th Bureau has targeted design. The time of replacing the cutter is shortened into 4 hours compared to the original2 days.

The successful application of the equipment will help Wuhu urban transportation construction, which is of great significance to promote the coordinated development.