The First TBM Rolls off the Production Line in CRCHI Changchun Base


On September 14th, the first EBP TBM rolled off the production line in the plant of CRCHI Changchun Branch in Jilin Province, northeast of China. It is also the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) manufactured in Changchun. The construction of Changchun Metro Line will surely boost the local economic and social development.

To respond to the policy of revitalizing the old industrial base of northeast China, Changchun Manufacture Industry Development Zone cooperated with CRCHI to  prepare to build CRCHI Changchun Company in 2016. On March 7th of 2019, the company was established in Kuancheng District of Changchun, which offers full life cycle services to clients, including TBM R&D, design, fabrication and on-site services.

Up to now, CRCHI has achieved localization production of TBM almost throughout China and a nationwide network of TBM manufacture and sales has been established, which greatly saves transportation costs and leads to higher value for customers.

This CRCHI EPB TBM is about 90-meter long and weighs more than 500 tons, with an excavation diameter of 6.48 meters, which will be used in the construction of Changchun Metro Line 6. The project will face the most complicated geological conditions ever in the Changchun Metro Line Construction Project. Its geology mainly consists of silty clay, mudstone, sandstone, conglomerate and granite.

To overcome challenges in the project, TBM designers designed the machine to have larger opening ratio, heavy-duty bearings, cutters and cutter holders with impact-resistant properties and made wear-resistant treatment on the cutterhead and screw conveyor blades. This will effectively solve the problems including cutterhead clogging, poor stability of formation, difficult control of ground settlement, high wear resistance on the cutterhead due to sand and rock layers.