One of Five CRCHI TBMs Achieves First Breakthrough in Moscow


      On April 4th, 2019, the tunnel boring machine from CRCHI “Polina” achieved breakthrough at the Miqulin Station in Moscow Third Interchange Circuit. This is the first breakthrough for the five TBMs that CRCHI manufactured for constructing Moscow Metro tunnels, which marks a success for Chinese constructors in overcoming difficulties of tunneling under extremely cold climate and lays a solid foundation to complete construction as scheduled in 2020.

     “Polina” started its driving in summer of 2018. After five months of tunneling in clay, rich water sand, reinforced concrete walls of air shaft and reinforced area under extremely cold climate, the TBM arrived at the reception end. Thanks to precise control, no ground settlement happened during construction, ensuring safety of existing buildings around there.

      Under the scientific planning of CRCC Moscow Metro Project Department and the full life-cycle service provided by CRCHI technical service team, “Polina” successfully achieved breakthrough after tunneling over a length of almost 1.5 kilometers (1043 rings). Its max. daily advance rate is 29.4 meters and max. monthly advance rate is 432.6 meters. It is worth mentioning that the TBM is equipped with a CRCHI’s self-developed continuous belt conveyor system which consists of traverse belt conveyor, continuous belt conveyor with vertical belt storage and turn-back belt conveyor. Its continuous belt conveyor has a total length of 1460 meters and min. turning radius of 400 meters.

      In the breakthrough ceremony on April 5, the contractor’s representative Mr. Isaev, general manager of Moscow Engineering Design Institute highly praised of tunnel’s breakthrough and showed appreciation on the cooperation between Chinese and Russian companies for the stage victory. 

     Mr. Du Zhanhui, general manager of CRCCI Russian Company, said the breakthrough of the first tunnel is of great importance to show a big progress in the construction of Moscow Metro and the superior performance of Chinese equipment. The breakthrough attracted many world’s known media to the jobsite.

Media interview

CRCHI service team and Russian technicians