China's First Self-owned Brand TBM Exported to Sri Lanka


On February 1st China’s first self-owned brand TBM exported to Sri Lanka passed the acceptance test and is to be transported to Colombo, Sri Lanka after the Spring Festival.

The diameter of this TBM is only 3.7m. It is going to be used in a drainage project in Sri Lanka.

It is the same as the large-diameter TBM in terms of performance and construction efficiency. It is the smallest EPB machine in China and the main components are customized to meet the layout requirements in narrow space.

The geology of the engineering tunnel is mainly composed of extremely hard rock layers such as gneiss. The rock hardness reaches 150 mpa, and the minimum turning radius of the tunnel is only 80 meters. Generally, the minimum turning radius of shield tunnel is 250 meters.

Special wear-resistant protection is applied to the cutterhead and the screw machine and reinforced and impact-resistant cutters are equipped. The peripheral cutting tools are equipped with expanded excavation devices to meet the requirements of tunneling and turning in hard rock strata; the main drive adopts multi-drive large-torque hydraulic motors with great shock resistance; the shield consists of the front shield and the tailskin and the hinge joint adopts ball joint. At the same time, the belt machine is equipped with regulating device to make small-radius turnings.

The TBM is scheduled to be launched in April, 2019.