The 1st Shield Machine Made by CRCHI Eastern China Manufacture Base off the Production Line


On Sept. 13th the 1st shield machine made by CRCHI Eastern China Manufacture Base came off the production line in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. 

The excavation diameter is 6.44m, total length 84m, total weight 450t and installed power 1500kW. It will be used to build Nantong Metro Line 1. The project has 27 sections with the total length of 34.34km. The main sections are all constructed in the shield method. The longest section is 2617.6m and the shortest 515.833m. The maximum buried depth is 23.14m and the minimum buried depth 7.22 m.

According to the characteristics of water-rich sand stratum in the project, CRCHI has made a customized design of this equipment in combination with the previous design and use experience. By using the spoke-type cutterhead, the muck can enter the soil cabin quickly to avoid secondary wear. At the same time, measures to prevent surge are used to make the construction safer and more efficient. It can tunnel fast in silty, silty clay with silt stratum.

Produced By 大汉网络 大汉版通发布系统