A Large-diameter SPB Machine Made by CRCHI Passed the Acceptance Test


On Dec. 20th a large-diameter SPB machine made by CRCHI passed the acceptance test and will be used for Jiangpu Road River-crossing Tunnel Project.

Large tunnel face, complicated hydro-geological conditions, inconsistent earthing thickness, high permeability coefficient, etc.;
Long tunnel distance through silty clay, silty sand and other soft soil layer, especially the middle section of the tunnel bottom contains high hardness silty soil, high pressure water stratum, which brings great challenges to the attitude control of shield tunneling machine, the cutting performance and the construction operation.

The main drive adopts high pressure polyurethane seal, which reduces construction consumption and improves the adaptability and economy of the equipment.
The material transportation system of segments and box culvert and common-rail hoisting, which not only guarantees the reliability of material transportation, but also improves the adaptability of the back-up trolley to the ultra-high box culvert and restricted starting space.