The 1st Domestic Large-diameter SPB for Double-line Railway Cut through Yuji Interurban Railway


On November 1st the 1st domestic large-diameter SPB for double-line railway jointly developed by CRCHI and CR16G successfully cut through Yuji Interurban Railway which is 3.8km long.

As one of the key projects in Henan Province, Yuji Interurban Railway connects Xinzheng International Airport and Zhengzhounan Railway Station with the total length of 11.1km and designed speed of 200km/h. It is expected to be completed and open to traffic next October. When the project is completed, the travel time between the two hubs will be shortened from 50 minutes to 8 minutes.

Yuji Interurban Railway is only 9.5m deep at the shallowest part, which is far less than the general design requirement of tunnel buried depth. There is a wide range of calcareous formations in the tunnel section which put forward high requirements on excavation system, flushing system, mucking system, seal system and abrasive resistance.

The excavation diameter is 12.81m and the total length is 78m, the total weight about 2300t, installed power 6600kW and design working pressure 7.5bar.

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