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Tunnel Boring Machine

For producing Hard-rock TBMs, CRCHI makes full use of abundant experience of tunnel construction, develops its own advanced system integration technology and attends the National 863 Program’s TBM science & technology support project. Now CRCHI has already used the most advanced  designs and testing measures in terms of excavation, muck discharging and tunnel lining and other TBM key technologies, overcoming more than 30 technological difficulties in TBM’s design, manufacturing and service like long service time, consecutive advancement, design of  high-power big-torque drive system, tunnel lining, high-energy vibration active control, automatic correction of deviation of TBM posture, the preparation of high-strength wear-resistant materials. CRCHI has fully acquired TBM’s design, manufacturing as well as technology application, breaking dependence on  foreign products and technologies with regard to hard-rock tunnel construction. Hard-rock TBMs are widely used in rail transit project, water resources and hydropower project, coal mine shaft project.     


Special Equipment

Concrete machinery, rotary drilling rig, mining and tunnel construction method of special equipment and other products


 Track Equipment

South China's first group of 350 kilometers per hour No. 42 turnout in Hunan Zhuzhou trial


China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. carries out comprehensive service, to build a service-oriented manufacturing industry, and continuously to provide customers with consultation, finance, refurbishment, maintenance, lease, recycling, accessories sales...


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